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Project Description

Galaxy Note8 Alcantara Cover

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 Alcantara Cover provides unique and stylish protection for your smartphone. The precision designed cover will provide an excellent grip and protection with minimal bulkiness. It’s made of durable Alcantara material for a premium design that will last a long time.

Love it. Checked out the S8 Alcantara and knew I needed this for the Note. Feel is great in the hands, like no other case on the market, but definitely not for everyone. When it gets dirty, you can actually clean it, too. Fits perfectly, as I would hope for a Samsung case on a Samsung phone.
The metal (Or is it metallic plastic? I don’t actually know.) accent around the camera/fingerprint sensor is a great little bit that keeps it looks very clean but distinct.
The four corner of the case are raised a little bit so edge effect lighting still works, even if it is a little bit reduced.
Only real complaint is I wish it were a LITTLE cheaper, but premium materials = premium price, so it is what it is.

Made of lightweight yet strong Alcantara material. Reliable corner and back protection

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