Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible for S8 2017-12-25T11:23:53+00:00

Project Description

Wireless charging convenience

Charge your Qi wireless charging enabled device* without connecting the device to a port or cable. Simply place the back of your phone on the wireless charger and wait for the charging notification to appear. A unique design enables switching between using the wireless charger as a charging pad or stand. The premium leather-like material blends seamlessly into your home décor

A little expensive, but it’s really good quality, and you feel like you get your monies worth. Love the fast charging and how it has two positions. I have no regrets with my purchase

The Samsung Wireless Charging Convertible is easy to set up and use. First, connect the wireless charger to your device’s charging cable and then place your phone on the stand. For optimal performance, your device should be placed in the center of the pad. The built-in LED indicator light will alert you if the device is not properly aligned and when a good charge alignment is acquired. A spare Samsung Fast Charge wall charger is included with the wireless charger. If a non-Samsung or Samsung charger below 2A is used, you may damage the wireless charger.

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